Mirboo Farm is set in the beautiful Strzelecki Ranges, in South Gippsland, Victoria.

It is a cool climate zone, not dissimilar to parts of northern Tasmania.

For the greater part of the past 130 years, the farm has been the home of sheep, dairy and beef cattle, with some cattle breeding over the past generation.

Today, our focus is on garlic.  However, we have good company... with our small herd of ever-inquisitive angus ‘girls’ and the chooks that traverse the gardens and paddocks in search of worms.  The pride of our orchard is a 100 year old apple tree... and the veggie and herb gardens complete the picture.

We started planting garlic in 2011, and our journey of learning continues.  We now plant around 40,000 cloves and have close collaborations with neighboring growers and onion and potato farmers.

Mirboo Farm Garlic may be purchased online, by phone or at the Farm Gate in Mirboo Road, Mirboo 3871. We can also deliver to the Melbourne CBD.

Our garlic is a product of choice at Farmers’ Daughters Restaurant, soon to open at 80 Collins St Melbourne.  We continue to work with Executive Chef Alejandro Saravia on new and innovative ways to include Gippsland-grown garlic into his interpretations of regional Australian cuisine.

Life moves at a relaxed pace in Mirboo. Over the past ten years, we have come to know many wise and generous farmers, who have shared their ideas, their time and their resources to help us establish our garlic farm.

The kookaburras keep away the snakes... and the snorting sounds in the night are attributed to koalas.

Early one, we committed an area of the farm to re-forestation. It is exciting to see that from small tubestock planted nine years ago, we now have young trees over twenty five feet in height – a diverse forest is emerging.